Mission Statement


Equality | Access | Opportunity


“You cease being good when you stop getting better.”

Career Vision

I will build a legacy of service inspired by insightful innovations. I am a Kansas native who is passionate about empowering historically under-served, underrepresented, and marginalized communities. I will accomplish this by working in the nonprofit, social enterprise, for-profit, or governmental sectors. As a person from a similar background and former AmeriCorps Volunteer In Service To America (VISTA) member, I understand and have experienced many of the challenges people from these backgrounds face. This is why I am dedicated to creating sustainable, community-based solutions that network resources in order to help these individuals and families cultivate their intrinsic capacity to build healthy and rewarding lives.

As my motto denotes, I firmly believe that continual development and learning promote success both professionally and personally. I am an innovative, resourceful, and effective person who enjoys working collaboratively with colleagues and in the community. I am also a highly motivated self-starter who works well independently.

Top 10 Concepts for Public Servants

Public service is a rewarding and challenging profession in which individuals uphold the principles of democracy. Successful, high-impact public servants are excellent facilitators and the engines by which community goals come to fruition. With this in mind, I identified the Top 10 Concepts for Public Servants that inform my management and leadership philosophies.